MAVA Update – March, 2018


MAVA Members,  


Thanks again for all that you do for vocational technical & agricultural education across the Commonwealth! We also appreciate your support of MAVA.


Administrative Appointments

Dean Tech Bruce Frey Acting Career and Technology Education Director

Bob Peach

We would be remiss if we did not publically thank our friend and colleague Bob Peach for his many dedicated years of service to our Connecting for Success Conference. He served as both a member of the important Steering Committee and was the Administrative Strand Coordinator for the conference. Bob did yeoman’s work and his contributions are sincerely appreciated. Sometimes we do not understand how much effort, planning, and dedicated service is required to prepare for an event like Connecting for Success. So much time and energy is needed by so many like Bob to provide an outstanding conference each year. Thanks Bob and all who make this happen each June.

Tim Moriarty

We are most pleased to share the “good news” that Pathfinder’s Academic Director, Tim Moriarty, was admitted into the 2018-19 Doctor of Education Leadership program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Congratulations Tim on this wonderful educational opportunity and best wishes.

The Role and Purpose of Vocational Education

Mark Wood, Vocational Principal at Tantasqua Regional wrote an excellent piece in the MSAA Leader Newsletter. He is current president of the Massachusetts School Administrators’ Association (MSAA). We have attached the piece entitled “The Role and Purpose of Vocational Education” for your review. Nice work Mark! (We thank Steve Sharek for bringing this to our attention.)

Upcoming Meetings


March 24th-25th Annual MVA Conference 8:00 AM Patriot Place Hotel, Foxboro


March 27th Legislative Committee 12:00 PM Best Western, Marlborough

March 27th Vocational Directors & 1:00 PM Best Western, Marlborough

Co-Op Coordinators

March 27th Board of Directors 1:30 PM Best Western, Marlborough


March 27th MAVA General Membership 3:30 PM Best Western, Marlborough

April 4th AVTE Meeting 9:30 AM Blue Hills Technical School

April 6th MAVA Legal Seminar 9:00 AM Assabet Valley Tech

April 12th Outstanding Student Award 5:30 PM Mechanics Hall, Worcester

An Article to Share with Your Manufacturing Faculty

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of what many have coined as the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a digital coming-of-age for an industry with heavy roots in a low-tech era long past. The recent adoption of mobility strategies into core business operations is helping manufacturers support unprecedented business demands due to evolving customer expectations from today’s digital world, the explosion in e-commerce and advancements in IoT that are driving critical efficiencies and cost savings.

The introduction of robotics to manufacturing has also created new possibilities and adoption is soaring, with 1.3 million industrial robotsexpected to join factory workforces by 2018. These skilled robots are able to take on an increasing number of technical jobs, freeing up human workers for safer, more complex jobs on the floor. Though this has created some concerns with workforce advocates, a recent McKinsey study found that less than 5% of careers would be completely eliminated, and instead robots and humans would work side-by-side in a complementary fashion.

Rodon Group

Collaborative robots such as Rethink Robotics’ Baxter are meant to work side-by-side humans, not replace them.

To read the full article from Industry Week:

David J. Ferreira

Communications Coordinator

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