VTE Frameworks Revision Project – Phase 4

VTE Framework Revisions
Subject Matter Experts

 Phase One:

​Aviation, Automotive, Carpentry, Dental, Electrical, and Health Technology

​Teamwork on revisions to these frameworks was completed in August 2020.

Phase Two:

​Auto Collision, Cosmetology (Barbering), Graphic Arts, Design and Visual Communication, HVAC-R,

Medical Assisting, and Plumbing

​Teamwork on revisions to these frameworks was completed in August 2020.

Phase Three:

Phase 3A

Biotechnology, Environmental Science and Technology, Information Support Services & Networking, Metal Fabrication & Joining Technologies, Programming & Web Development

​ Phase 3B

Engineering Technology, Robotics & Automation Technology, Strand 1:  Safety and Health, Strand 4:  Employability & Career Readiness, Strand 5:  Management & Entrepreneurship, Strand 6:  Technological

Teamwork on revisions to these frameworks was completed in August 2021.

Phase Four:

The Office for College, Career and Technical Education is announcing Phase 4 of the VTE Framework Revision Project.

After careful thought and review, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has decided that all framework revision teams will re-visit Strand 3 – Embedded Academics.  As part of this review, framework teams will expand and reformat Strand 3, so academic competencies (ELA, Math, Science), connect more directly to the competency standards in Strand 2, Technical Knowledge and Skills.

Recruitment for Statewide Teams:

The Department in collaboration with MAVA seeks to create diverse statewide teams, recruiting SMEs from all protected classes, inclusive of all delivery systems, and geographic areas.

All work will be done remotely.

Phase 4 Timeline:

Recruitment of Teams

*Application Deadline: April 15, 2022

Work Project Timeline: Online – Saturdays from 8:30am – 2:00pm – May to August 2022

Dates to be determined based on availability of team members.

​Participants will be required to participate in all sessions in their entirety.

Superintendent/Administrator Approval is required.

*You may access the SME Application for Phase 4 by clicking the link below:

Phase 4 SME Application Form